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Go With What YOU Know

So I wouldn’t normally advocate for “going with what you know”, mostly because I recognize that what we think we know can be flawed based on our perspective, our circumstances, our life history, and a zillion other things.

However, I’ve faced some challenges recently that have forced me to follow this “go with what you know” advice.  As I’ve begun to move forward, making and preparing for different changes in my life, I’ve faced resistance.  While this is to be expected, it’s forced me to also reexamine what I know- and HOW it is that I have this knowledge. 

The challenges that I’ve faced this year have forced me to plug in (even more) to God and to trust where He is guiding me and what He is telling me.  I’ve been forced to not only trust God, but to go with what I know He has told me, shown me, and promised me; moving confidently in that direction regardless of the dissatisfaction of others.

It’s not to say that the dissatisfaction of others is meaningless.  I strongly believe in seeking Godly counsel.  At the same time, there’s a point where relationships change because people change and are headed in different directions.  Sometimes as relationships change, we’re not able to provide people with the best advice for them because we’re examining them through a lens that is no longer applicable.  That said, I believe in taking advice from people who have been where I have been and who are where I desire to be.  Those are who I believe that I can trust to help be the bridge between my now and my future.  

But ultimately, despite who’s been providing me with Godly counsel, praying for me, praying with me, and supporting me; this has really been a time where I’ve had to rest in God and go with what I know through Him. 

Until next time- peace and blessings!