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100 Days!

It’s official.  President Obama has survived his first 100 days in office.  In case you’re not clear on what has been accomplished, you can check out this very neat interactive calendar provided by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

You can click on each day, and a pop up shows something that President Obama accomplished on that day.  I think it’s pretty cool.

I also think that over these past 100 days, President Obama has become more comfortable and extremely more confident in his ability to lead our country.  While he always spoke very eloquently about his belief that he had what it takes to lead our country, I feel that now he’s being more assertive about his agenda, and really tackling the issues head-on…as a president should.

Yes, it’s a crazy chaotic situation in America.  We’re at war, in a horrible recession, and facing a terrible sickness-  among other things.  But overall, it’s been a good 100 days.

Kudos to you, President Obama!