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The Father’s Voice

In my immediate postpartum period, Ethan and I didn’t leave the house much. I was, as most mothers of newborns are, insanely sleep-deprived and just trying to figure out the basics of survival in our new normal.

Preacherman was able to enjoy some time at home with us, but soon he returned to work. He ended up missing just one Sunday from church (the Sunday Ethan was born), and for the other Sundays where Ethan and I were home, we were able to hear the message via Periscope or some other streaming technology.

Though Ethan and I were trying to master our routines, it seemed that without fail on Sunday mornings, something would happen that would have him upset. When I say “upset”, I mean, borderline inconsolable.  I would try everything–singing, rocking, diaper changing, nursing…and while each thing might provide a short moment’s relief, he would eventually be upset again.

Until he heard his father’s voice.

As soon as Ethan heard Preacherman’s voice, starting with the scripture, and going into the message, he would calm down; and eventually go into rest, usually falling asleep in my arms.

I’m a lot like Ethan.

There are things in this life that make me upset- borderline inconsolable, even. Unlike Ethan, I have coping mechanisms that are beyond screaming and crying uncontrollably. But like Ethan, I am immediately soothed to a place of rest and peace when I hear the voice of my heavenly father.

Truthfully, it can be hard at times to hear the father’s voice. The weight of the world can feel so heavy and the sounds of the world can be so loud.  But in those moments, it’s important that we press into His presence through prayer, praise, and worship- that we call out to Him so that we can hear what He has to say to us. No time spent in His presence is wasted and it is in his presence that we can experience the fullness of joy.

I feel challenged to make sure that when things around me seem so loud and overwhelming that I’m being diligent about pursuing God’s presence so that I can hear His voice.  Then I will experience the peace and joy that I’ve been longing for, and can be prepared to face the challenges of life.

Until next time…

Be encouraged! Peace and blessings!