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Mr. President, can you excuse me from…

My president is pretty cool.  I’ve always thought that, but after hearing about this story last week, it’s been confirmed.

While at a town hall meeting, President Obama was asked a question by a man in the audience.  The man also mentioned that he had brought along his daughter, Kennedy, to the town hall meeting and he hoped that her absence would be excused.

Our president, being who he is, proceeds to write a letter for Kennedy, which says, “To Kennedy’s Teacher:  Please excuse Kennedy’s absence.  She’s with me.”

Since I now know that he’s in the excuse letter writing business, I have some things that I need him to excuse me from…and also some things that need to be excused:

  1. Faculty Meetings
  2. Faculty In-Service Training
  3. HR Meetings
  4. Anything that requires me to consistently wear a skirt/dress
  5. Long lines at the grocery store
  6. Any Wal-Mart that doesn’t offer butter cream cupcakes
  7. Plies, T-Pain, and on some occasions, Lil Wayne
  8. Marvin Sapp’s “Never Would Have Made It” sandwiched between two secular songs (ie: Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop”, Never Would Have Made It, Shirley Murdock’s “As We Lay”)
  9. Rude people
  10. THAT coworker (everyone has one…and if you can’t think of one, you’re THAT coworker for everyone else)
  11. Florida Traffic/Drivers (Are you really blowing your horn AS SOON AS the light turns green, when you’re car #4 at the light?  You weren’t going to be moving right away ANYWAY)
  12. Mosquitoes
  13. People who constantly retweet on Twitter
  14. The Iphone vs. Blackberry debate
  15. Skinny jeans and scarfs for men

Okay…so I think I’ll stop there.  For now.  What would you want President Obama to excuse you from or to just excuse in general?