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NC- it’s really almost over…

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i’ve been keeping a countdown in my IM profile of the number of days that i have left in NC…and now i’m down to like 4 days. it’s crazy that i’ve lived my entire life here, and now i’m about to move to georgia. as the time winds down, i’m realizing more and more how blessed i have been over the last 21 (almost 22) years. however, it’s time to move on…

so i guess this is sort of a shoutout/what i’m grateful for type of blog…and it’ll prolly be really long, but since this is MY blog, i can do whatever I feel like doing…

first things first- i’m grateful to GOD…most importantly for salvation, grace, mercy, and favor; but additionally for all of the experiences that i’ve had in my life. everything that has been good or bad, has worked out to make me who the person i am today…i can’t wait to grow more in you, and to see all of the things you have in store for me. i owe you my life…

next- my family…i have the most supportive family ever (although sometimes they don’t know how to show their support) and i realize how much i love them everytime i see them. it’s gonna be hard not being around, but i’ll never forget the lessons you’ve taught me. you have been there every step of the way, and i’m sure you’ll be around in georgia more than i can fathom. for that, i love you, and i appreciate you.

my friends- so here’s where it starts to get serious. i’ve had SO many friends who have blessed and encouraged me along the way. if you’re not named, but you’re reading this, you’ve STILL had an impact on my life. charge to my head and not my heart. i love you…and that’s word.

*fati: we’ve been at it for almost 7 years, and it’s weird that we’re apart now. you have been such a blessing to me, so encouraging, so helpful…so…everything. the last 6 years wouldn’t have been the same without you…and i know the next 6 won’t be either…so i KNOW i’m keeping in touch. you have a wonderful heart and an even more wonderful spirit. i look forward to seeing where else God takes you…
*mitch: from orange high, to s&m, to UNC…and now to…GEORGIA? we’ve always found a way to end up together, so maybe that’s a little peek at your future…maybe you’ll end up in georgia with me! you are so talented and so smart…i pray that you find God’s will for your life. know that i’m always here for you, and i always got mad love for you…no matter who your little girlfriend is!
*nitras/nic/jovi/tj/carmen: i know i’m wrong for giving y’all the massive shout out…but deal with it! from september 5-6, 2003 until now…you all have been there through every step of a massive life change that occurred in me. you all have been my prayer partners, my fellow church goers, my study buddies, my coworkers, my FRIENDS. i don’t think i could have designed better friends, and each of you brings out a different part of me. i love you all for who you are and for what you have been to me…and for what you WILL be to me. i pray that God continues to bless us and grow us into the people that he would have us to be. Remember 1 Thessalonians 5…
*superstar 07: it’s no secret that you’ve become one of my bestest friends over this short (too short) summer. you continue to amaze me with your humor (just TOO funny for your own good…literally) and your intelligence. i know you will go far in life (partially because you are a SUPERSTAR, and that’s what we do) because of your drive and determination to succeed, and you know that i will be there every step of the way with little nuggets of wisdom and encouragement. whether you’re in roxboro or chapel hill; whether i’m in chapel hill, hillsborough, or athens…i’m ALWAYS there…and you BETTER use that sprint to sprint! i expect to hear from you at least 2-3 times a week! all my love…and a pair of avaitors…
*twilla: my SISTER! it’s crazy that we became so close in such a short period of time…but you are for real, my sister and i don’t know what i would do without you! god brings people into your life for all types of reasons and you have been there for me through so much. i could say so much…but just saying I LOVE YOU encompasses it all…
*rell: our friendship developed out of long hours spent in an university office suit…but it’s a friendship none the less. through the HOURS of IM conversations, music, and advice…i’ve realized that people like you and friendships like this are the reason that people LOVE college so much. although you’re not sure what path life may be taking you on…just know that this is only the beginning, and you MUST live EVERY day as if it were on purpose…i’d say more, but you already know.
*ty: you prolly won’t read this till i’m LONG gone, but you are by far one of my BESTEST friends in the whole world. you know me inside out…from the days of calling me STUPID (every single day) to just being there every step of the way…you are quality people. i miss you already, and i haven’t even left…and i KNOW that you miss me too…even if you do refuse to say it. love is love…and i got mad love for you.
*to the many other people i have met along the way: through encouraging words, smiles, and laughs, you have helped me to become who i am. thank you for everything…even the rough times…i wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.
*to those of you i’m just meeting at the end of my journey at UNC: I thank God for you in my life, even if it has to be at what seems like the end. as langston hughes says “we have the future, bright before us like a flame…”

so that kinda sorta ends my shoutouts…on the real, i LOVE everyone…y’all are the best!

the following quotes summarize how i feel:
“to find a dream and a life of their own; a place in the clouds, a foundation of stone. many precede and many will follow; a young girl’s dreams no longer hollow…but it what it holds for her she hasn’t yet guessed…but now she won’t be coming back with the rest, if these are life’s lessons she’ll take this test. she needs wide open spaces…she needs new faces, she knows the high stakes…” ~dixie chicks ‘wide open spaces’

“all my bags are packed, i’m ready to go… already i’m so lonesome i could die…every place i go i’ll think of you, every song i’ll sing, i’ll sing for you…close your eyes and i’ll be on my way…so kiss me and smile for me, tell me that you’ll wait for me. hold me like you’ll never let me go. cause i’m leaving on a jetplane, i don’t know when i’ll be back again…oh babe, i hate to go…” ~unc loreleis ‘leaving on a jetplane’

“But sometimes when the Springtime comes,
And the sifting moonlight falls-
They’ll think again of this night here
And of these old brown walls
Of white Old well, and of Old South
With bell’s deep booming tone,
They’ll think again of Chapel Hill and-
Thinking-come back home.”
-Thomas Wolfe, UNC Class of 1920


Author: erin.almond

God-chaser. NC native, now planted in Jacksonville, FL. Happily married to a handsome church-planting pastor. I am easily excited by Jesus, education, cupcakes, Moleskine notebooks, and Pepsi. Overwhelmed by God's amazing grace, undeserving of His love and mercy.

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