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Does having a sex change affect your ability to teach?

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Credit for this article goes to my fellow UNC Alum, Eugene Turner Scott; who is now doing his thing at The Arizona Republic in Phoenix, AZ.

This article, posted on Yahoo! news states that teacher Mr. McBeth was allowed to return to the classroom; only this time going as Miss McBeth- due to a sex change operation that took place last year.

This has been quite controversial- parents are saying that they don’t want an issue of transgenderedness (if that’s even a word) in their schools for their children.

I think that it’s a bit much to handle for the elementary/lower middle school students. In a high school setting, I think that the students would make it a topic of gossip, which may or may not be a problem. It could be difficult for Miss McBeth to manage her classroom- but I’m sure that in the scheme of things, it just might be the least of her worries.

At any rate- do y’all think that’s okay? How would you feel if that were your school, or the school that your children went to?

By the way…does anyone else feel like Miss McBeth looks like a real live Mrs. Doubtfire?


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One thought on “Does having a sex change affect your ability to teach?

  1. “Help is on dee way!”
    – Ms. Doubtfire while running through the restaurant to save her/his ex’s new boo from choking

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