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So, it’s been a crazy week in my world. If we generally talked on IM, then you know that I haven’t been hanging out on instant messenger over the last few days…because…THE MONITOR ON MY LAPTOP DIED. And that might seriously make it official that CCI Laptops are the worst things offered by the University of North Carolina. I’m currently in the market for a new laptop and if anyone can recommend a place where I can acquire one for fairly cheap, you just might be my best friend.

And, now that classes are back in session, I’m trying to get back in the swing of being a full-time student…and maintaining a job that seems to have forgotten that I’m a full-time student.

Classes are going well, and my predictions about classes are pretty accurate thus far. Check this entry from August 17 for clarity. The 8am class, is MOST DEFINITELY the jumpoff. I mean really- I’m excited about going to this class and I don’t even consider going to Starbucks beforehand for my classic java chip frappuchino. You gotta love that.

And now, let me proceed to speak about my other two classes:

EFND 8150: Education and Cultural Knowledge

So, I took this class because I was interested in the material. Seriously. But it didn’t hurt that the professor goes to my church AND I took a class with her this summer and got an A. And…to be quite honest, I’m strongly considering getting a Ph.D from this department, and it would be great to have her on my side for application and assistantship purposes.

But all that aside, the class is going to be good. We read a lot of work that deals with theory of education and cultural knowledge (she’s really trying to make us be academics), and she seriously keeps it real. The assignments that we have support what we’re learning, and she doesn’t try to overload us with insane amounts of work. And- you gotta love a professor that will check someone who tries to disrespect them- ON THE VERY FIRST DAY OF CLASS. Holla at me if you want that story. It was a classic.

Additionally, we only have a few books for the class and they aren’t expensive. Once again, I love professors who don’t want to make graduate students go (even further) into debt. I’m not sure how I’ll feel about the books, but they can’t be THAT bad. And if they are, she doesn’t mind if we tell her that they suck.

ESOC 6990: Research in Early Childhood, Middle School, and Social Studies Education

This is the only class I’m taking from my department this semester and it’s the class that I’m (honestly) the LEAST excited about. These types of classes remind me of the ridiculous stats class that I had to take in undergrad for my Soci major.

Anyhow, despite having a horrible time trying to get the book that I ordered for the class to arrive, I think the class MAY be okay. The professor is all about business. She’s a cool lady, a northener with a heavy accent, but she’s got the whole “southern belle” appeal. I was sold on her the first day. What I DID NOT like was that WE ACTUALLY DID WORK ON THE FIRST DAY. Yes. The first day. We covered a chapter of material. I thought I was hallucinating or something. Who REALLY does work on the first day?

We’ll learn more about types of research and assessment as opposed to actually doing research, and we’ll learn about how to really interpret and design research. I suppose this class will be useful when I proceed to the next level. But I guess I’ll just have to see for myself.

Alright…that was a mouthful. Or a handful. Whatever. If you’re reading this and I usually talk to you, send me a text or something. Be encouraged! Peace and Blessings!


Author: erin.almond

God-chaser. NC native, now planted in Jacksonville, FL. Happily married to a handsome church-planting pastor. I am easily excited by Jesus, education, cupcakes, Moleskine notebooks, and Pepsi. Overwhelmed by God's amazing grace, undeserving of His love and mercy.

4 thoughts on “In my world…

  1. “The 8am class, is MOST DEFINITELY the jumpoff.”

    Told ya. I had some great 8 am classes. One of them a bioethics philosophy course. Me and a woman named Courtney – Delta, Opeyo, from DC – used to walk up in that joint hard, REASY to debate first thing in the morning like “who want some!?”

  2. i was wondering where you had been…

    i had/have another loss in the family since you left the IM world 😦

  3. Rell- I’ll call you so that we can talk.

    Gene- Man, the class is TIGHT. I had to go to Starbucks yesterday so that I could actually be alert, cause it had been a LONG night. Anyhow, my classmates told me that I was off the chain, and that I probably shouldn’t go to Starbucks before class anymore because I was just getting people left and right. And, I admit that I love the fact that the teacher knows me by name and we’ve only had 2 real classes…

    Oh yeah, DEFINITELY get up on the book “No Shame in My Game”. I’ll email you the excerpt that I have and you’ll see why…

  4. “Anyhow, my classmates told me that I was off the chain, and that I probably shouldn’t go to Starbucks before class anymore because I was just getting people left and right.”

    LOLOLOLOLOL. That used to be me and Courtney!!! HILARIOUS!! There’s nothing like shutting people down who say ignorant stuff first thing in the morning while they’re still sleep. Be like, “If you gon’ come up in here first thing in the mornin’ saying some racist stuff, get that crust out yo eyes and that wax out yo ears, cause I need you to hear what I got to say AND see where I’m coming from!!!”

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