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Race and Post Katrina Settlements

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“The analysis of Louisiana’s insurance complaints settled in the first year after Katrina highlights a cold, hard truth exposed by Katrina’s winds and waters: People of color and modest means, who often need the most help after a major disaster, are disconnected from the government institutions that can provide it, or distrustful of those in power.”

Alan Jenkins, a former Justice Department official in the Clinton administration who lobbies for minority opportunities, said AP’s analysis reinforces a little-discussed reality exposed by Katrina.“The promise of opportunity isn’t equally available,” he said. “Race and income has made a big difference in people’s ability to start over.”

The above quotes are from this article located on Why am I not surprised to read this? And people keep saying that Hurricane Katrina was just a class issue and not a race issue. Yeah…you’d be hard pressed to convince me of that. Anyhow, the article basically asserts that white people more frequently challenged the settlements that they were offered from their insurance companies and that they generally had more knowledge about who to call about any questions or for more information. I guess people weren’t thinking that it probably wouldn’t be good to put information like this on a website, on the radio, or the tv- especially when you consider that people lost EVERYTHING. Dang, I hate when privilege rears its ugly head.

You can also read more about the settlement discrepancies here.


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One thought on “Race and Post Katrina Settlements

  1. Well most people who don’t own their homes or live in apartments don’t have insurance.

    And I don’t know why mofos be faking like they dumb. How is class in America not a race issue when our class structure is historically BASED on race!? Get real.

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