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The Academic Starting Lineup: Spring ’07

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I’ve just completed my first week of my LAST semester, and here’s the class line up for the semester:

1. HIST 6070: Jeffersonian and Jacksonian America

This class chronicles early US History, from the era of Jefferson through Jackson. I’m taking the class as one of my social studies content requirements, but also because I figure that if I want to be a US History teacher, I should probably sharpen up on this time period. This class is taught by a professor who’s from up north (dang Yankees), and he’s very matter of fact, and pressed about things such as being on time and attendance (I mean, who cares about these things in college). He even said that he would drop you from the class for not coming. I guess he’s trying to prepare the undergrads in the class for the “real world”. Anyhow, what sort of discourages me about this class is that there is no real textbook- we’re reading a lot of primary documents. While that’s good, I was hoping to get something very concrete that I can use later on. Anyhow, this class seems to be promising…even if I am the ONLY black student in the class.

2. JRMC 8070: Media Culture and Diversity

This is my “fun” class for the semester. The professor and I teach Sunday School together at church, and his class was recommended to me by several people. I’m interested in this class because media is such an important part of our society, and it’s important to know the implications that it has for diverse populations. Perks of this class are that it’s a small seminar (held in this plush boardroom with cushy seats that have wheels), there’s no textbook, and we get to watch A LOT of movies. The class examines media from the cultural studies perspective, as opposed to the social scientific method, which should also be interesting. It’s safe to say that I’m excited about this class.

3. HIST 6055: Historical Survey of African American Thought

The best way to describe this class would be to say that it’s somewhere between a historical and philosophical examination of African American thought. We’re examining the thoughts of people such as Angela Davis, Cornel West, Frederick Douglass, and Anna Julia Cooper; just to name a few. This reading also is mostly primary documents, or work that is in some way autobiographical. What makes me nervous about this class is that I’m the ONLY grad student enrolled. However, the professor is TIGHT; and her husband (also a professor at UGA) goes to my church. Hmmm…I’m noticing a theme in how I pick my classes…

4. ESOC 6150: Teaching US History

The title of this class pretty much explains what it’s about. And I’m always suspicious of classes that attempt to teach you how to teach (just imagine the feelings that I have about being in a teacher education program). Anyhow, I’m in this class because I feel that it would offer good resources to a person like me, who wants to be a US History teacher. Even though I’ve never had him as a professor, I can say with confidence that my professor is a little on the absentminded side because he’s my also academic advisor. He’s a nice guy, though, and he means well. One thing I definitely DON’T like about this class is the insane amount of group work that we have. I really thought I had gotten past group projects. So much for that.

5. ESOC 7080: Curriculum Planning in Social Science Education

So I’m really only in this class because my program requires it. But, I figure that having curriculum planning is useful. I’m not gonna just wanna be a teacher forever. I’ll have to move up the ladder, you know; become department head, and then well…whatever comes after that. At any rate, the most positive thing about this class is that 4 of the 6 books we need to have are available ONLINE for FREE. Otherwise, see the above notes about the professor and the group work.

So yeah…that’s the class line up for the semester. All on Tuesdays and Thursdays…should be an interesting race to the finish line. Be encouraged!


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  1. Dude, I’m all OVER your classes this semester. I wish I had them joints. Please update us as the semester progresses.

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