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How much is too much?


Is $28,000 per month for child support too much?


Author: erin.almond

God-chaser. NC native, now planted in Jacksonville, FL. Happily married to a handsome church-planting pastor. I am easily excited by Jesus, education, cupcakes, Moleskine notebooks, and Pepsi. Overwhelmed by God's amazing grace, undeserving of His love and mercy.

11 thoughts on “How much is too much?

  1. HELL YES! Kids – “legitimate” or not – aren’t OWED the lifestyle their parents have. We really have to reevaluate the words “need” and “want”.

  2. LOL…I see what you’re saying. But it’s not that child’s fault that their Dad makes a mil a month.

    I can understand him being fed up that she stopped putting money away for college and that she was spending money on her elder child by a different man.

    I mean, I honestly think that even with $5000 per month, she can support them comfortably. That’s $60,000 a year. More than I’ll make as a teacher…for a long time. Maybe even forever.

  3. “LOL…I see what you’re saying. But it’s not that child’s fault that their Dad makes a mil a month.”

    RIGHT, SO that child isn’t OWED anything! Our parents BLESS us with their generosity. There is no rule that says, because your parent makes A, they have to spend such and such amount of it on you just because you are their kid.

  4. My opinion changed like three times on this topic. At first, I said ‘no’ because 28 G’s is just too much. Then, when I saw what he made I thought he should have to give up some cash. But, then I saw what ol’ girl was spending the money on. In conclusion, I’m feelin’ Gene.

    “There is no rule that says, because your parent makes A, they have to spend such and such amount of it on you just because you are their kid.”

    Seriously. Like, when people die, they can leave their money behind in any way they choose. They don’t HAVE to give it all to their kids. I think a reasonable amount should be determined and given to the kids. And they need to create some sort of legal consequences for the female if she continues to spend the money on herself.

    Durn $600,000 houses and cruises and ish.

  5. The state is the one who decides what the child should get based on the father’s income. I guess they don’t have allowances for situations like these because they are rare.

    Maybe the child isn’t owed anything…but they didn’t ask to be here. While I think the amount for child support per month is pretty hefty, I’m sure it’ll keep him from other adulterous relationships. And if it doesn’t, he’ll definitely be a bit more careful.

  6. “They didn’t ask to be here.”

    But they came, didn’t they?! LOL.

    I know my response doesn’t make sense, but that’s to illustrate my point. The aforementioned statement doesn’t make sense.

    I’m not attacking Erin at all, but the whole “they are here so they DESERVE what I have” philosophy is sooo flawed and its unbiblical.

    I’m about to get real personal on this joint:

    Growing up, based on my parents’ incomes and other things, I thought I and many other kids were OWED various things. I remember reading that Bill Gates isn’t leaving all his money to his kids and was just appalled.

    But I grew up … and got married.

    Carmen (and her brother) had to buy their own cars despite her parents being able to do it for them if they wanted to. I thought this was the worst thing possible. LOL. But her parents didn’t buy them for various reasons – one of them obviously being teaching responsibility and financial lessons. Lessons, to some degree, that I had to learn later than I should have.

    We were talking about this in Men’s Ministry and Marriage Ministry not too long ago. Our ideas of what parents (and husbands) should be and have to do are so flawed!

    Kids NEED food and shelter. They do not NEED luxuries – despite what their parent makes. There is nowhere in the bible that says a parent OWES a kid wealth, based on the parents wealth.

    In fact God himself, who has everything, withholds things from us for many reasons. He doesn’t OWE us anything. If anything, we owe HIM.

    And lastly (I’m taking my seat now, cue the organ), my biggest fear is that I will become wealthy and leave it to my kids and they will blow it or spend it poorly. Paris Hilton, anyone?

  7. I agree with every single thing Gene said…

  8. I suppose you are confused. I’m not saying that they deserve to have what he has. I’m saying that he should have to pay child support. The amount of child support that he will have to pay is ridiculous; but it’s based off of income. Oh well. That sucks for him, but it also sucks for people who receive child support and the amount is so small that it doesn’t even cut into a portion of the expenses for the child.

    And perhaps my argument is unbiblical, but so is his adulterous relationship. I just feel like he can’t really be upset about something when he knew what the stakes were beforehand.

  9. Oh, Erin I didn’t think you were trying to justify the 28 grand at all. I was just pointing out that the popular argument in support of excessive child support payments that is “The child didn’t ask to be here” has nothing to do with the issue. And most importantly, it promotes entitlement – which we know is the root to numerous social and individual ills.

    And I really don’t think morality is even relevant. I was just using the term “unbiblical” to address our country’s overall philosophies about parenting. Just because the father sinned doesn’t mean he should receive some unjust punishment for the next 18 years. If we’re going to blame people for adultery – which we shouldn’t, a good punishment would be to give his baby’s mama NOTHING and make her work like …. say, I don’t know … MOST single mothers!

    “That sucks for him, but it also sucks for people who receive child support and the amount is so small that it doesn’t even cut into a portion of the expenses for the child.”

    You’re right, Erin. It does suck for them. But this ain’t about them.

    Speaking of parenting, did anyone see Oprah yesterday? There was a good discussion about whether mothers should work or not.

  10. I saw Oprah. Who knew the working mother debate was so hot?

    I definitely didn’t know it was that serious. At any rate, I think that I would like to stay home with my children for a little while, and then re-enter the workforce.

    On another note, my mom stayed at home for a while after moving to Phoenix, and she was COMPLETELY bored. She did the whole carpooling, volunteering at schools thing, etc…and she said that even after doing other household things (clean, cooking, etc.) she was bored. I suppose there’s a difference because there weren’t any kids at home with her- my sisters and my brother were all attending school during the day. Now she’s back at work…

  11. “Who knew the working mother debate was so hot?”

    LOL. It isn’t! I hated that the conversation, for the most part, completely ignored the fact that the vast majority of women don’t even have the option of having the conversation! Most women HAVE TO WORK!

    Carmen wants to stay home for a while, but she already knows she’s not going to be able to do the full time mom thing long. She too will get bored. And I’m honestly glad. I know that mothering is a HARD job, but I believe Carmen’s purpose is to be a mother AND more … with the more requiring her to be outside of the home … like me.

    I really wish someone would start the conversation about the need for FATHERS to spend more time with their kids in those early stages.

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