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Julian Bond Speaks the Truth on an Obama Presidency

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I like the NAACP and I respect their work, more so historically than presently. And that’s me being honest. I think some people of my generation feel the same way.

However, I think that Julian Bond was on point with his remarks about an Obama Presidency at the NAACP Convention. Here’s an excerpt of an article published on

Julian Bond, a veteran civil rights leader, said Obama’s candidacy doesn’t “herald a post-civil rights America, any more than his victory in November will mean that race as an issue has been vanquished in America.”

But he drew loud applause when he said the country, and “all of us here,” are taking pride in the success in this year’s campaign by a candidate who couldn’t have stayed in some cities’ hotels a few decades ago.

“We know that Obama’s electoral success — even if he should win the ultimate prize — won’t signal an end to racial discrimination, but it does mark the high point of an interracial movement that dates back to the Underground Railroad,” Bond said, referring to Cincinnati’s historical role in helping fleeing slaves reach freedom.

I think it’s a great point to acknowledge. And I’m hoping that people don’t HONESTLY believe that having a black president would alleviate YEARS of racial inequality that is still present today. It’s definitely a move in the right direction; however, as to adjust the words of Robert Frost, the United States still “has promises to keep, and miles to go before she sleeps”…at least in the area of race relations.


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