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Book Review: Think and Make it Happen

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I am a firm believer in thinking positive thoughts, and not allowing your mind to be controlled by negative thoughts. Yet while I do believe that, I will be the first to admit that it can still be a struggle. Thus, I was excited to read “Think and Make it Happen” because I was confident that it would be something empowering.

I have to admit that I was disappointed by the book. While the overall message was positive, I felt that Curry’s language was more scholastic and academic as opposed to encouraging and supporting. Thus, while the book itself wasn’t horrible, it didn’t meet my need. It read more like a psychology textbook than a book that was encouraging or uplifting. As a person who loves to read and thoroughly enjoys books, I really struggled with reading and completing the book.

Would I recommend this book to others? Honestly, it depends on what they are looking for. I could see this book being useful in an academic setting (mostly because of the language use). If I knew that someone was particularly interested in reading a book that would transform their thinking, this would not be the book that I would recommend; as I feel that it can be so cumbersome that it may be discouraging. Nevertheless, I do feel that the book offers very interesting psychological insights to our thoughts and how we can be empowered or hindered by what we think and believe.

I do believe that for the right audience, this book could be a tremendous asset; however, the style of writing made it difficult for the book to resonate with me. I do appreciate that Curry’s thoughts and writings challenged my thinking, making me reconsider the role of my thought life. Overall though, I really struggled with the book.


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