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2013- In Hindsight


And just like that, we’re at the end of another year.

I say it often, and I feel it even more frequently: “The days are long, but the years are short.”  I find that to be true as I reflect on every aspect of my life this year- the days have seemed so long, but the year has seemed so short.

The changes brought to my life in 2013 are far beyond what I imagined back in January.  Yet, as Preacherman and I pressed and prayed, we were confident in where God was taking us.  And so we find ourselves in the midst of AND on the brink of something new, because we know that while God has done AWESOME things, He’s still preparing us for more.

This year has been great, but difficult- in the best way.  New seasons, like new shoes, have to be broken in, and that process is not the most comfortable.  Yet, I am grateful for the use of these circumstances to further shape me into who God is calling me to be.  More than ever, I feel that I have clarity about what matters most.  And as someone who likes to feel that they can do everything (despite knowing that is not the case), this clarity in regards to what matters most has been refreshing.  I feel better equipped to not only handle my responsibilities, but to approach them in a way that glorifies God.

Every part of this year has been what I needed to grow.  I didn’t always like it, but I appreciate it.  I like who I am becoming, and I love the journey.  I think that in years to come, I’ll look back on this one as pivotal in my growth and pursuit of my purpose.  And while I didn’t meet all of the goals that I set for myself this year, I’m pleased with my progress (slow progress is still progress), and am regrouping for next year.

I’m excited for all the things to come in 2014.  I can’t wait to see what God has planned!

Be encouraged!  Peace and Blessings!


Author: erin.almond

God-chaser. NC native, now planted in Jacksonville, FL. Happily married to a handsome church-planting pastor. I am easily excited by Jesus, education, cupcakes, Moleskine notebooks, and Pepsi. Overwhelmed by God's amazing grace, undeserving of His love and mercy.

2 thoughts on “2013- In Hindsight

  1. I hope in 2014 you and Ernest continue to grow in God’s grace. May He give you all wisdom to complete your purposes.

  2. Erin, thanks for sharing! So agree that slow progress is still some progress. I’m learning to enjoy the journey no matter how fast or slow and trust God’s timing! So thankful that 2013 blessed me with your friendship and praying for an awesome 2014!

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