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Worship Wednesday

I love my church, and I feel blessed to go to have access to a church where I get good, biblical teaching.  I also LOVE our praise and worship.  While church is not just about the music, praise and worship is an important part of the service, and it sets the table for the word that we receive every Sunday and Wednesday.  Having been at churches where the music was less than desirable, and having to learn how to appreciate the words of a song over the sounds that I hear, I’m SO grateful to be at church where the music is both anointed AND good.

What really resonates with me is that the music is fresh, and it gets in my spirit in such a way that later in the week, I find myself singing or humming or replaying the songs I heard during service.  It’s amazing, and truly helps me to get through days that may be challenging.  I wanted to include the three songs that our praise and worship team have sung that have personally blessed me over the past few weeks:

Hopefully these will bless you as they have blessed me!

Be encouraged! Peace and Blessings!