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a year in review


this year isn’t quite over, but i saw this posted on Bobby’s LiveJournal and i figured i’d take a stab at it myself…

As we say goodbye to 2005, let’s look back and remember what happened.
You, in review:
*Age: 22
*Location: Chapel Hill/Athens
*Work: UNC Housing, Office for Minority Affairs, UGA Center for Continuing Education
*School: UNC-Chapel Hill/University of Georgia

This year, have you:
*Fallen in love: yes
*Fallen out of love: not quite
*Had your heart broken: more than once
*Cheated in love: perhaps
*Cheated in life: i sure hope not
*Cried: yeah man
*Laughed so hard you peed your pants: at least once a week
*Dumped somebody: no
*Lied to get ahead: no
*Gotten married: no
*Had a baby: no
*Adopted a pet: no, but I became an aunt to Nicole’s dog, Frankie
*Gotten a new job: UGA Center for Continuing Education
*Learned a new skill: I learned how to let people in

That’s life:
*What is the biggest lesson you learned this year: tried and true, with God, ALL things are possible
*What was the hardest thing you did: moving to a new state alone
*What was your greatest accomplishment: the baptism, graduating from UNC
*Most painful experience: waiting, learning, growing
*Favorite memory: ASB 2005, Graduation Cruise, Senior Year as a whole, BSM (everything encompassing)
*Greatest change in yourself: being able to be encouraged in every situation
*Something you’re proud of doing: trusting God enough…

*What one person would you thank for what they’ve done for you this year: My mother
*Who did you learn to hate: I don’t believe in hate
*Who did you learn to love: They know who they are
*Who taught you the best lesson: Everyone I encountered taught me a valuable lesson
*Who made your life most miserable this year: life will never be miserable- as long as i’m alive, it’s GREAT
*Who gave up on you this year: I dont think anyone did
*Who believed in you: My family, the Whole, Fati, TJ, Crystal, Mitch, all of the OMA Staff, Juelle, Superstar, Kev, Kenji, Jason, Fred, Ty, Rell, Twilla, P-Dub, Fe, Lauryn, Nigel, Julian, and many, many, more…

*Restaurant: Applebee’s, Olive Garden, On the Border, Ruby Tuesday
*Place to shop: Express, MAC Counter, Gap
*Drink: Water (and the occasional Miller Lite)
*Food: Lasagna, Mac and Cheese
*Music: Israel and New Breed
*TV Show: Desperate Housewives, Girlfriends, Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, Real World, Making the Band 3, Run’s House, Everybody Hates Chris
*Hang out: Goldies, Top of the Hill, East End Martini Bar, Classic City, anywhere with my girls or anywhere with P-Dub, Fe, and Lauryn

Resolution for next year: Stay positive, stay focused, stay faithful, stay encouraged…


Author: erin.almond

God-chaser. NC native, now planted in Jacksonville, FL. Happily married to a handsome church-planting pastor. I am easily excited by Jesus, education, cupcakes, Moleskine notebooks, and Pepsi. Overwhelmed by God's amazing grace, undeserving of His love and mercy.

2 thoughts on “a year in review

  1. P-Dub is my hero. I love my pastor but P-dub seems like really tight.

    Oh yea, wanted to give you props. You always said “leave each day as if it were on purpose” and that’s really effected (or is it affected) me whether or not you know it or not.

    I could write a lot more, you’ve helped me a lot this year, but I’ll just say good post and stay encouraged.

  2. I would like the record to show. Erin did not completely embrace her postion as an aunt to Frankie until she got back from Phoneix and found out how well behaved Frankie was compared to other dogs.

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